Chapter 14 Walkthrough | Resident Evil 4 Remake (2023)

This article will guide you through all the objectives of Chapter 14 of the game Resident Evil 4 Remake, released on 24 March 2023.

Make your way to the summit

Once Chapter 14 begins, exit the cell and look to the left for a point on the wall where Ashley can be boosted up to unlock the door. Proceed towards the left side to locate a merchant shop, and after that, make your way out of the merchant room.

Go up the stairs and drop down the ladder on the left to reach “Cargo Depot”. Eliminate any approaching enemies in the area, then make your way up the stairs to the west to advance to the next level.

Neutralize any oncoming enemies present in this area. Proceed towards the upper level by climbing the stairs, then instruct Ashley to pull and hold the switch located in the room. This will cause the door visible through the window to open.

Descend to the lower level and pass through the newly opened door. Head towards the left side of the hallway to open another door located at the opposite end.

At this point, several enemies will appear in the room. Quickly get back to Ashley to save her and then proceed through the unlocked door and continue following the path. In the next room, you and Ashley must operate the switch located next to the door. Be mindful of the arrow’s position within the red zone when pulling the switch.

Afterward, instruct Ashley to hide inside the locker before proceeding any further.

Enter the following corridor where a Regenerator creature will emerge from the wall. Utilize the Biosensor to aim and fire at the three parasites to eliminate it. The Regenerador will then revive into stronger forms with only a single parasite serving as the vulnerable spot on their head.

Go to the next door where you and Ashley must operate the switch located next to the door. The red area is smaller this time. Be mindful of the arrow’s position within the red zone when pulling the switch.

Continue along the route into the adjacent room and instruct Ashley to turn the valve to raise the bridge and granting to the next area.

Proceed towards the end of the path to activate a switch. During this process, numerous monsters will attack Ashley. Turn to your left and shoot through the bars at the enemies to save Ashley.

Return to Ashley’s location. As you pass by the garbage heap, yet another Regenador creature will emerge that need to be killed.

Now that you are back with Ashley, you can interact with the control panel to unlock and access the door. Head into the next room to find a merchant shop.

Drop down to the large open area near the merchant and assist Ashley in safely landing. Proceed to the crane and prompt Ashley to enter the crane and begin the demolition of the wall. Your primary objective now is to safeguard Ashley while she operates the crane. After Ashley succeeds in breaking through the wall, eliminate any remaining enemies in the area. Head towards the crane and instruct Ashley to exit.

Go through the cracked wall and take the elevator up to the next level to continue.

The next area is Amber Storeroom where you can then interact with the big amber in the southeast corner to trigger a cutscene.

Go after Ashley

Following the cutscene in Amber Storeroom, advance through the large gates leading to a tunnel. Keep following the path ahead to the campsite, eliminate enemies you encounter, pass the merchant store, and continue on the path to trigger a cutscene with Krauser.

After the cut scene, Krauser will start shooting at you. You may defend yourself by firing back at him. Proceed through the ruins to the upper level where you can rotate a valve to open the gate you passed on the way up.

Advance into the following area with caution, as there will be trip mines obstructing your path. These mines can be destroyed by shooting them.

Hug the right-hand wall and shoot the mine.

Shoot the machinegun turret attached to the ceiling.

Enter the tunnel with another machine gun turret and a beartrap in front.

Proceed along the path toward the higher level while Krauser shoots arrows at you

In the next area continue to shoot at Krauser to make him come down. Continue to fight and shoot him until a cut scene gets triggered where he transformed his shape.

Following a scene, you’ll find yourself amidst the rubble. From there, simply navigate along the path that leads out of the area and climb the ladder located at its end.

Defeat Krauser

At the top, you will engage Krauser in a boss fight.

Go after Ashley

After defeating Krauser, proceed to the tower to conclude the chapter.

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