Someday You’ll Return – Chapter 2: A Shortcut

As the chapter start you’ll hear phone ringing nearby. Pick up the phone. Now you’ll be again able to use your phone map.

Go towards the camp

Now you have to use your Phone GPS to reach the camp. Follow the blue path upto the monastery. Cross the monatery and after that follow yellow path until you reach a bridge. You wont be able to cross the bridge now. Turn right toward St. Gorazd Spring. Here you will come across a wall that you’ll have to climb.

Make a torch

As you climb the wall, just in front of you there will be a picture pointing towards a hidden stash. Go to your right until you come across a tree with mushroom like things growing on it. up ahead you will find a wodden box hidden under a big rock in the mountain. Open the box and take the pice of cloth, Kerosene & match Box inside it. Now go back to the picture that hinted about the stash. In front of the picture you’ll find a campfire. Collect the torch wood from it. Now open the inventory and cut the piece of cloth using knife. Then apply the cloth to the wood, then the kerosene to the cloth, and finally, light it with the matches. This will give you a torch.

Navigate through the Spider Cave

Torch with you now, cut the barbed wire to neter the spider cave. Go towards the back right area there you’ll slip down. Continue on straight until you see another set of barbed wire. Cut it and take a left to find a red collectible, then go in the opposite direction to find more barbed wire. Cut them  and drop down. This will take you out of the Spider Cave.

Turn on your flashlight and then make your way ahead until you reach a hanging flashlight, As soon as you take it a chase sequence will start. Run for your life now, follow the lights as best as you can. After the chase sequence ends you’ll have to follow candlelit path until you reach the bunker. Inside, go downstairs and walk on the linear path till the end and look through the small window to find a “monster” about to mutilate a body. When he spots you another chase sequence will start. Trace back the path from which you came. After the escape you’ll wake up in a chapel completing the chapter.

Someday You'll Return Chapter 2 Walkthrough

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