Chapter 2 – Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace (Walkthrough)

Guide Chapter 2: Finding meaning in the stars | Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace

Objective: Investigate Professor Tillinghast’s office

    • Find Professor Tillinghast’s office: It is the first room on the left side of the corridor. Approach the office door to complete this object. His office is locked.
    • Find Professor Withers: His office is the last room in the corridor, right next to Professor Tillinghast’s office.
    • Find Professor Tillinghast’s box
      • Search the observatory: The observatory is on the second floor. Professor Tillinghast’s box is inside the locker. Select the option “Lockpick” to open it.
    • Show the box to Professor Withers: Go back and meet Professor Withers in his office.
    • Search Professor Tillinghast’s office: Unlock and inspect the office of Professor Tillinghast. 

Objective: Retrieve what was taken Professor Tillinghast’s office

    • Search the thieves: Thieves are in the classroom near the stairs of another corridor. Fight with all cultists before entering the classroom.
    • Defeat the thieves: Kill all thieves inside the classroom.
    • Catch the thieves: Search all dead thieves and recover the item Letter from the Director. Investigate other items also in Classroom

Objective: Find information on Professor Tillinghast

    • Investigate Tillinghast’s Classroom: Interact with two students near the blackboard on the left side. Select the option “Question” to complete the objective.
    • Investigate the Library: The library is near the stairs adjacent to Classroom. Go to the Bookcase/Shelf on the leftmost side. Select the option “M to R” and “The heavy yellow volume” to complete this sub-objective.
    • Return to Professor Withers’ office – Go back to his office and interact with him.


Objective: Investigate the Science Lab

    • Find the Science Lab: Science lab is opposite Professor Tillinghast’s classroom. 
    • Fight the Strange man: Enter inside and fight with cultists and cultist priests.
    • Search the Lab’s Storage: Search the adjacent storage room attached to the Science lab and locate the creature behind the curtains.
    • Burn the creature: Interact with the creature to finish this objective.


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