Chapter 2 Victor Holloway: Lust from Beyond (Walkthrough) – UPDATED

Lust from beyond: Chapter 2 – Victor Holloway

This walkthrough of the game “Lust from Beyond” will guide you through all the objectives of Chapter 2 – Victor Holloway.

Objective: Search the back of the store 

Victor needs to search for Mrs. Hudson’s antique order invoice in the back of the store. It’s lying in the middle bookshelf of the back room.

Mrs. Hudson Invoice

Objective: Complete Mrs. Hudson’s Order

  • Find the figurine: Collect the small 3D statue of the Deer.
  • Find the Book: Collect the book “The Coin of Chinese Empires” from the bookshelf of the store.
  • Find the Coin: The coin is inside the wood stand next to the bookshelf
  • Place collected items in the box: Go to the shop counter and place all items of Mrs. Hudson’s order inside the box. Use “E” to use an item from your inventory.
  • Call Mrs. Hudson after Completing the Order: Use the mobile phone lying on the counter to call Mrs. Hudson to inform her that her order is ready. 

Objective: Close the Shop

  • Close the front door
  • Close the blinds: There are six blinds in the shop and, you need to close all six blinds for this objective to complete.

Objective: Prepare a romantic evening

  • Light the candle: Collect the lighter from the kitchen. It’s located near the micro oven. Go to the table in the living room and use the lighter from inventory to light the candles.
  • Prepare wine glasses: Collect both wine glasses from the wooden kitchen rack. Go to the table in the living room and put both wine glasses from inventory on the table.
  • Prepare the wine 
  • Prepare the gift (Guitar) 
  • Scatter the rose petals: Scatter rose petals at three locations starting from the stairs up to the living hall.

The wine bottle, rose petals, and the gift (Guitar) can be found in the storeroom (next to the living room). To unlock the storeroom you need to find the key which is stashed inside a Japanese box inside the living room. You have to solve the puzzle to unlock the box. The puzzle’s hint is kept in the closet below the box.

HINT: To open the box you must summon the three creatures depicted – Centaur (man + horse), Mermaid (woman + fish), and Dragon. Note the color of the Centaur (green), Mermaid (blue), and Dragon (red).

How to solve the Box puzzle:

  • There are five images on the box: man, horse, woman, fish, and dragon.
  • There are four rotatable circles. Rotate these circles to move the images to their desired positions as described below:
    1. Man & horse must be on the two green slots.
    2. Woman & fish must be on the two blue slots.
    3. The dragon must be on the red slot.

Use the key found after unlocking the box to collect the remaining items. Place the guitar on the guitar stand and wine bottle in the ice cubes bucket kept on the table.

Lighter in Lust from beyond
Wine glass in chapter 2

Objective: Take the pills (optional)

Pills can be found in the bathroom (near the stair). Kept along with soap on the washbasin.

Objective: Spend the evening with Lily

  • Talk to Lily: Approach her to start the conversation.
  • Fetch the guitar pick: Go downstairs and collect the guitar pick from Lily’s violet-colored backpack kept on the chair.
  • Go back to Lily: You can found her in the bedroom near the stairs just opposite the bathroom.

Final portion: Inside Lusst’ghaa (new world)

You have to open two mini gates behind the pedestal and finally need to open the main gate. To open the main gate you need to collect three sculptures and place them over the main gate. 

In Short:
2 mini gates: Required a Spherical Object each
Main Gate: Required 3 stone sculptures 

STEP 1: As it starts, you will land near a pedestal_1 in the new world (Lusst’ghaa). Collect the “Special Object” just on the other side. Place the “Spherical Object” on the pedestal to open the 1st mini gate behind the pedestal_1.

STEP 2: Enter inside the gate and continue to follow the tunnel and path and at the end jump below onto the flat area. The pedestal_2 will be on the right side where you will land. To collect the “Spherical Object”, follow the path behind the pedestal till the end t find it.

STEP 3: For 3 stone sculpturesEnter inside the newly opened gate behind the Pedestal_2. Follow the path to climb the ramp and jump inside the closed area to collect 1st sculptures.

STEP 4: Use the handle of the movable pillar to clear the path. 2nd sculpture is on the left side.

STEP 5: Third sculpture is at the top of the platform. Use the handle of the movable pillar to move it again to the new position. Climb the ladder to retrieve the 3rd sculpture.

Now, A enemy will appear. You need to avoid it and move in a crouching position. Go to the main gate and place all three sculptures

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