Chapter 2 Walkthrough | Resident Evil 4 Remake (2023)

This article will guide you through all the objectives of Chapter 2 of the game Resident Evil 4 Remake which is released on 24 March 2023.

Head for the church

At the start of chapter 2, you will find yourself in a new area without your gear. Proceed along the path leading out of the room and retrieve a Kitchen Knife from a corpse.

Continue to the next room where you need to crouch and approach the enemy from behind to take them out in one hit after the stealth kills tutorial.

Go to the next room for a tutorial on parrying. In the same room, you will get your first collectible of chapter 2.

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Proceed towards the left and leap through the window to reach the adjacent room. Then, keep moving along the route and eliminate another enemy. Upon reaching the last room, rotate the valve to open the door on the opposite side. After that, rush back to retrieve your equipment from the room.

Exit the room and meet the Merchant.

Talk to the merchant to buy the Treasure Map: Village from the trade section for 1 Spinel. This marks all treasures in the Village area on the map. To proceed further you need to open a gate near the merchant using Key Item: Hexagonal Emblem

How to get Hexagonal Emblem

Head to the Valley area from the Abandon Factory area. Eliminate all enemies located in the valley region. You can locate the Hexagonal Emblem situated on the side of the weather vane.

Subsequently, go up the ramp path located on the northern side of the map and turn the valve. This will trigger the opening of the door adjacent to the entrance, enabling you to return to the location of the Merchant.

At this point, interact with the spot on the wall across from the Merchant and insert the Hexagonal Emblem. Make sure to adjust its orientation by rotating and flipping it, so it aligns with the slot in a mirrored position. Finally, interact with it to open the gate.

Kill all three enemies in the next area and go up the metal stairs.

Defeat the Chainsaw Villager.

In this next area walk around the house to enter from the back door of the Village Chief’s Manor.

Go to the left side of the dining hall to get a Crystal Marble. Crystal Marble is located inside a cupboard on the first floor of the Village Chief’s Manor. To open the combination lock of the wardrobe downstairs of the Village Chief’s Manor, the correct combination from left to right is: Crops – Pig – Baby

Correct combination: Crops – Pig – Baby

Key Item: Insignia Key

Head upstairs to the end of the hall and insert the Crystal Marble into the door.  Use Crystal Marble to unlock the door and rotate it to match the pattern. 

Bring the Crystal Marble to the locked door upstairs and insert it into the designated slot. Then rotate the small orbs until they match the insignia. Here a player needs to turn the ball so that the bubbles inside the orb line up with the symbol behind them. 

Once the alignment is correct, the door will produce a clicking sound, allowing players to enter.

Insignia Key is inside the locked room on the 2nd floor of Village Chief’s Manor. Key Item: Insignia Key inside a drawer of a table.

At this point chapter 2 will get over.

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