Chapter 3 – Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace (Walkthrough)

Guide Chapter 3: What was lost is never found | Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace

Objective: Find the gravekeeper

    • Find out where the grave keeper is kept
        • Examine the map of Asylum: The Asylum map is on the billboard.
        • Find out which ward grave keeper is kept in: Examine the file on the table by selecting “Analyze Content” and find the location of the grave keeper (Albert Hatcher). Select the “Pull” option to open the jammed file cabinet. Albert Hatcher is in the isolation ward.

At the first corridor, enter the gate on the right. Here you have to fight with three inmates (possessed patients). After the fight meets with the third investigator.

Objective: Find the cause of inmates behavior

Enter into the asylum office on the right side once the fighting is finished to find the cause of inmate behavior.

    • Investigate the origin of the sound:

Now enter into the new corridor (isolation ward area) through the last door (near a window with a torn piece of paper 1). Here you will have to investigate the origin of the sound. Both the isolation ward cells are locked in starting.

    • Defeat the creature: Fight with the creature here to complete this objective.



Secondary Objective: Open the safe in the office

    • Find the code: Inside the asylum office interact with the locked safe to start the secondary objective.

You need to enter the code to open the safe

    1. The first part of the code is written on a torn piece of paper which is glued on the window at the end of the corridor. Code: “1 12”
    2. A torn piece of paper 2: You will get paper two from a dead body inside the first isolation ward. Code: “34 2”

Final code to unlock: 34-21-12


Objective: Find information about the creature.

    • Investigate the sobbing noise: Enter into the adjacent room and interact with the sobbing Doctor. Collect the isolation ward key.
    • Search the isolation cell for the information: Now one of the isolation wards is unlocked. Fight with possessed guard and possessed patients. collect the safe code 2nd paper clue here from a dead body. 
    • There is a second fight once you come out of isolation ward 1. This will unlock the door of the 2nd isolation ward.

Objective: Escape the Asylum

Go back to the reception (starting point) and fight with the creature and other enemies to complete this objective.

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