Someday You’ll Return – Chapter 3: The Camp

As the chapter starts you’ll find yourself inside the chapel, bleeding and poisoned.

Stop the Bleeding

Take the cloth from the cupboard in the chapel. Open the inventory and cut the cloth using knife. Use it to stop the bleeding.

Take the Herbarium Book from the shelf and read it to get important recipes and blueprint. Herbarium book contains followig items:
1.  Purification Recipe: To Stop the Poisoning
2. Calm Mind Recipe: To be able to cross the bridge leading to the camp
3. Herbalist Kit Blueprint: To be able to craft potions

Build the Herbalist Kit

Taking Herbalist Kit Blueprint will start the ‘Herbalism’ Objective for which you’ll have to build a herbalist kit.
To build the herbalist kit, first collect the items as mentioned below:
1. Mortar & pestel (From the cupboard)
2. Cutting Board (From the cupboard)
3. Herbalism Workbench (From the shelf)
4. Cooking Pot (Outside the Chapel Door on the left side)
5. Small Portable Stove (Outside the Chapel Door on the left side)

Now open the inventory and first assemble the stove panels to build Small Portable stove. Next assemble all the herbalist kit component to build the herbalist kit. Building the Herbalist kit will open up the ‘Herbalism’ Tab in your inventory giving you ability to collect herbs and make potions.

Prepare the Antidote to get rid of the poison

To prepare the antodote for the poison you’ll need the following herbs: 2 Buckhorn, 1 Lungwort & 1 Silverweed. You’ll find these herbs in the garden at the back side of the chapel.

Once You’ve collected the herbs do the following steps to prepare the Purification Potion:
1. Access the hebalism menu in your inventory
2. Select the ‘Purification Recipe’
3. Select Silverweed in Herbalism workbench
4. Cut Silverweed using Knife
5. Crush Silverweed Root (Radix) and put it in cooking pot
6. Select Lungwort in Herbalism workbench
7. Cut Lungword using Knife
8. Put Lungwort Petal in cooking pot
9. Select Buckhorn in Herbalism workbench
10. Cut 2 Buckhorns using Knife
11. Put Buckhorn leaves in cooking pot

This will cook the Purification Potion. Drink it to purge the poison from your body.

Prepare the Calm Mind Potion to be able to cross the bridge

To prepare the ‘Calm Mind’ Potion you’ll need the following herbs: 1 Devil’s Eyelashes, 1 Liquorice, 2 Bachelor Buttons & 1 Henbane. You’ll find these herbs in the garden at the back side of the chapel.

Once You’ve collected the herbs do the following steps to prepare the Potion:
1. Place Devil’s Eyelashes directly into the water (no cutting)
2. Cut Licorice and put Licorice Radix into the pot.
3. Cut Bachelor Buttons and throw two leaves in
4. Cut Hensbane and then Crush it’s root and throw it in the water

This will cook the Calm Mind Potion. Drink it to cure yout Vertigo, which will enable you to cross the bridge to reach the camp.

Find the Camp

Check the map at the chapel gate to know how to reach the ‘Lucky Leaf’ Camp. Follow the yellow path until you reach the bridge. Drink the Calm Mind Potion and cross the bridge. Keep following the yellow path to reach the camp.

Search the Camp

Layout of the camp is shown in the above picture. After entering the camp perform the following activities:
1. Turn on the main power Switch. Its near the river (See above picture). You’ll need screwdriver to open the switch box.
2. Turn on the Mess Hall fuse. Its in the basement at the left side of mess hall.
3. Enter the mess hall and turn on the lights.
4. Go upstairs and take out the batteries from the radio and put them in your flashlight.
5. Grab the keys to the Main Hall.
6. Take ‘Cyril and Methodius saga’ book from the mess dining hall (You’ll need it later).
7. Go to the Main Hall
8. Switch on the Main hall fuse (Its at the right side)
9. Inside the main hall collect ‘The Great Moravian’ document. this will start a cutscene
10. Now collect the ‘Svatopluk Rod’s Quest’ document. To start ‘Rods of Svatopluk’ Objective.
11. Collect ‘Inner Eye’ Potion (You’ll need it later)
12. Pick up ‘A book of Ciphers’ from the table (You’ll need it later)

Svatopluk Rod's Quest

In the Main Hall you’ll see a door locked with a passcode. You’ll need to solve Svatopluk Rod’s puzzle to get the code.

To solve the puzzle follow the steps as mentioned below:
1. Collect the thre rods.
    – Strength Rod: At the end of the path behind the main hall.
    – Courage Rod: Inside the cave near the river
    – Agility Rod: It’s in Kozel. Exit the camp though main gate and go left. Follow the yellow arrows to reach kozel. There you’ll have        to climb a wall to get the rod
2. Examine the three rods. use cockscrew to open the tops and find 3 pices of paper.
3. use the Paper Blueprint in inventory menu to join the 3 pieces to get a note. The code is in this paper but its still not revealed.
4. Read  the Book ‘A Book of Ciphers’ to learn how to reveal the code on the paper. without reading the book you wont be able to pick the required items.
5. Pick up Food color & cup from the dining area in Mess Hall. Pick up Lemon from the basement in Mess Hall.
6. Open the inventory and cut the lemon using knife.
7. Select the cup and pour lemon juice in it.
8. Add food colour in the cup
9. Apply the mixture on the paper to reveal the hidden message (See picture below).
10. The message is in the coded form. Read the book ‘Cyril and Methodius saga‘ to learn what number the codes refer to.
11. The numbers the code refer to are as follows:
    – Top code : 10
    – Middle Code : 4
    – Bottom code : 3
12. The passcode to open the door is in the sequence in which the code is written above the door from left to right. The door passcode is 3-3-4-10-4-3-3
13. Enter the passcode to open the door

Escaping the Fire

Go upstairs. There you’ll find a bodybag. Open it to find a book, after which the place will go up on flames. Run through the area which is free of fire, eventually reaching the ground floor. Pick up the gas cannister from near the stairs and place it at the right corner of the nearby door. This will blow open the door unlocking a new room.

Pick up the sledgehammer to the left of the desk, then pull the desk toward you to clear the passage. Go through and take a left. Use the sledgehammer to smash the hands blocking your exit.

Getting Out of the Camp

In the final segment of the chapter you have to escape the camp. Switch off the flashlight and crough to avoid enemies. The path is linear keep moving ahead. You’ve to collect a totem weapon. After that you’ll have to destroy two abomination’s heart. Then make your way to the exit to complete the chapter. 

Someday You'll Return Chapter 3 Walkthrough

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