Chapter 3 Walkthrough | Resident Evil 4 Remake (2023)

This article will guide you through all the objectives of Chapter 3 of the game Resident Evil 4 Remake which is released on 24 March 2023.

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Head for the church

Once Chapter 3 begins, go down the stairs and leave the house via the front door. Your next objective is to go to the church, which you can reach by going through the gate across from the house. Use the Insignia Key to open the gate and head to Village Square.

As you approach the Town Hall structure in the Village Square located at the far end of the area, the tower will collapse to block the main path. Defeat all the dog enemies that spawn to attack you.

In order to reach the church, pass through the final house on the right and exit through its window. Use the Insignia Key to unlock the Town Hall and advance further.

Head out to the other side of the Town Hall to find the next Merchant. Proceed along the path ahead until you arrive at the graveyard situated in front of the church.

Go through the gate of the graveyard to reach the area around the church. 

Take the path that runs alongside the right side of the church to locate a typewriter save room. In the same room, update your objective by interacting with the map displayed on the wall.

Cross the lake

Afterward, access the hatch located on the floor to progress further.

Proceed along the newly discovered path and eliminate the enemies carrying Molotov cocktails. Continue to follow the path until you arrive at Quarry area.

Kill all the dog enemies at the Quarry area and continue to follow the path ahead until you enter another building to find the next Merchant. 

Pick up the Hexagon Piece A from the chest immediately opposite the Merchant before continuing out the door to reach the edge of the lake.

A boat is present at the dock nearby, but to operate it, you require fuel. Climb up the ladder situated on the left side that leads to the Fish Farm section. The fuel is inside the building at the end of Fish Farm.

Leave the room and use the ladder on the right side to climb up to the upper platform. Continue along the path until the end, then jump down and proceed up the initial wooden platform in the region.

Here, you’ll find another ladder that leads to the entrance

Return to the dock and interact with the boat. Use the Boat Fuel to drive the boat on the lake.

Defeat the lake monster

As you’re on the boat, the monster will attack and drag you. Use the harpoons to attack it and keep in mind that it can only be harmed when it’s out of the water. Continue battling the lake monster until it’s vanquished.

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