Chapter 4 – Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace (Walkthrough)

Guide Chapter 4: Herd of Algedi | Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace

Objective: Escape the mansion

    • Escape the prison: Collect the knife from the table. Choose the option “Force Lock” to unlock the door. Go to the second floor through the last room on the left side of the corridor.

Objective: Save your partner (need to be solved at the end) 

Steps are at the end in sequence before you solve other objectives. A complete map of the first and second floor will guide you through various steps.

Objective: Help Rex find the book

Go upstairs to find Rex. Stairs are in the last room of the corridor on the left side. (Idea: Go into the dining hall on the first floor with Rex, the fighting will be easy.)

    • Solve the puzzle of the Celestial Globe: Here you have to select the three constellations in the correct sequence. Select these options to solve the puzzle of Globe – Cassiopeia > Cygnus > Ursa Major. This will unlock the earlier locked door from the corridor on the second floor.
    • Investigate the source of sound in the corridor: Go to the corridor on the second floor and enter the locked ritual room ( solving the puzzle has unlocked the ritual room)
    • Investigate the strange ritual room: Interact with the item on the desk in front of the big painting. You will get a comet stone here.

On the second floor, interact with the vase (adjacent to the ritual room) and choose the options “stretch” to find a note of piano & shotgun. This will unlock the secondary objective


Find the hidden shotgun (Secondary Objective)

    • Interact with the piano on the first floor. It is in the room opposite the stairs room. This will unlock the shotgun.


    • Find the use of comet stone: Go to the last room on the second floor. Interact with the floor map to find the use of comet stone.
    • Explore the hidden passage: Select the option “Deneb Algedi” to move the bookcase and reveal the hidden passage. Interact with the ladder to explore the hidden passage.
    • Find the book in the hidden library: Book is on the pedestal. Interact with the book and defeat all the cultists.

Objective: Save your partner (will be solved at the end) 

    • Find the Key: The key is in the living room on the second floor adjacent to the stairs room. The Key is kept on the table near the sofa set, select the option “Look Through”. You will get the key only after solving all other objectives.
    • Find where your partner is held: The partner is locked in a servent’s bedroom on the first floor, and the key is in the living room of the second floor. Once you find the key, approach the locked door to free your partner.

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