Chapter 5: All Collectibles Locations Guide | The Callisto Protocol

This guide will show you all the collectibles in “Chapter 5: Lost” of the game The Callisto Protocol released on December 2nd, 2022. There are eight collectibles in Chapter 5.

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1) Data-Bios: Miranda Kristofich: Terraforming

Objective: Find Shelter in the Outpost

After the scene with Elias and Dani, head through the big iron gate in front of you. Then go straight and enter the first building. The collectible is on the shelf.

2) Data-Bios: Richard Cids

Objective: Try to Help the Trapped Worker / Find the Keycode

This is automatically available from the chapter progression. The door opens after fighting off the enemies in the snowy area. Enter to retrieve data-bio from a corpse.

3) Data-Bios: Dr. Caitlyn Mahler: Combustors

Objective: Find A Way Through the Tunnels

Follow the linear path through the tunnel. Crawl through the hole, then take the left path to find the data-bio.

4) Data-Bios: Lt. Devon Wayne: Close the Gate

Objective: Get to Dani / Use the code to open the gate

Available after the cutscene where Dani gives you the shotgun “Riot Gun”. Go upstairs and find the corpse on the floor behind the tables to collect data-bio.

5) Data-Bios: Ofc. Aaron Taycho

Objective: Explore the Power Station

Use the using console to open the gates inside the Power Station. Then enter into Prisoner Transfer S406. Here you will find a corpse stuck in a spinning blade. Collect the data bios from the corpse.

6) Data-Bios: Max Barrow: Max’s Concern

Objective: Find Dani
Return to your crashed spaceship and check the second room on the left side.

7) Data-Bios: Sgt. Scott Dvitny: Eradication

Objective: Follow Dani
Go to the right side of the hangar and look behind the vehicle to find the corpse.

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