Chapter 5 Scarlet City: Lust from Beyond (Walkthrough)

Lust from beyond: Chapter 5 – Scarlet City

This walkthrough of the game “Lust from Beyond” will guide you through all the objectives of  Chapter 5 – Scarlet City.

Objective: Find help

Once this chapter start, collect the knife lying on the ground near the dead body. Exit through the door and read the flyer posted on the wall about “Eden Theater Invitation”.

Go to the Eden theater hiding from the enemy, avoid confrontation. The theater path is through the alley on the right side of Dr. Austrerlitz’s office. Follow the arrow marks on the wall. Enter the Eden theater and move the glass shelf near the counter to go inside the Eden cafe. Again go through the last door behind the siren to enter the main theater hall.

Objective: Follow Rhea’s instructions

In the theater’s hall, you have to follow Rhea’s instructions

Pull apart trees
     First, climb onto the theater’s stage using the door at the other end of the stage. Move two big display boards.

Lower the cross
     Use the pulley on lower the cross

Take the key from under Rhea’s balcony
     Take the key near the dead body lying under Rhea’s balcony

Light the censers
     Light all three censers using matches collected.

Start the spotlight on the balcony
     Switch On the spotlight on the balcony.

Put the body part in the bin in the backroom
     Dispose of all four body parts in the dustbin in the backroom. You can carry only one body part at a time.

Objective: Escape through the underground

After disposing of body parts follow Danny (receptionist) into the underground to escape. This chapter ends when you start following Danny into the underground.

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    What’s the point of putting in a text walkthrough if you can’t be bothered to put in the important details? I shouldn’t have to keep digging through a video that doesn’t like to load properly. I can’t find what to do with the damn key.

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    Text walkthrough is trash.

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