Chapter 5 Walkthrough | Resident Evil 4 Remake (2023)

This article will guide you through all the objectives of Chapter 5 of the game Resident Evil 4 Remake which is released on 24 March 2023.

Escape from the church

Upon starting chapter 5, you will find yourself on the second floor in the company of Ashley. Once the cutscene concludes, proceed toward the left side of the room where a spot on the wall can be utilized to elevate Ashley to the upper level. From there, she will release a ladder for you to climb up. After ascending the ladder, you can exit the church by jumping out of the window.

Head for the extraction point

Your main objective now is to navigate through the Village toward the extraction point located on the north side of the map. Begin by pulling the cabinet out of the path.

Simply follow the map to navigate through the graveyard and return to Village Square. Try to avoid the enemies along the path as much as possible.

Go to the building on the northeast corner of Village Square. To proceed, go upstairs and exit through the window.

Make your way back to the farm. In the farm area, you will have to deal with a bunch of new enemies. Once you’ve cleared the area, cross the hanging bridge towards the house at the end to trigger a cut scene.

Stand your ground

Following the cut scene, you will find yourself in the house, working alongside Luis to defend the area from incoming enemies. The enemies will attempt to enter through the windows, which you can block with the help of shelves and wooden planks.

After a brief period, a cut scene will show a Hammer Brute breaking in through one of the windows. Defeat the Hammer Brute. Later on, another cut scene will show Ashley opening the door for you, indicating the completion of the chapter.

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