Chapter 6 – Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace (Walkthrough)

Guide Chapter 6: Unwelcomed Guests | Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace

Main Objective:

    • Reach the Portal: You need to follow the wooden path to reach the portal
    • Close the Portal: At the portal, you need to protect Alphonse Launit from the enemies by healing his health at regular intervals. Also, you have to kill the main Boss ‘Goat Spwan’ to end the fight and chapter.

Portal will be throwing out creatures at regular intervals to attack the team & Alphonse Lanuit. Go with sufficient healing items to protect him & other team members.

Follow the wooden path

Secondary Objective: Gather three Coralberry branches for Lanuit: 

Coralberry has purple-colored berries. You can distinguish a coralberry easily from its look. 

    • In the starting, You can find the first coralberry on the left side of the wooden track (Near first altar).
    • You can find the coralberry near a rock marked ‘X’.
    • Inside Fisherman’s Hut

Side Objective: Find the Fisherman’s Treasure

You can start this secondary objecting after interacting with a book inside Fisherman’s hut

    • Follow the fish: You need to follow the direction pointed out by the head of the dead fish to reach the next fish.
    • Find the rock with an X on it: Treasure is inside a wooden crate near the rock marked ‘X’.
The Fish will show the way

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