Chapter 7 – Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace (Walkthrough)

Guide Chapter 7: Tendrils of Witchcraft | Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace

Objective: Find the clues about Professor Tillinghast’s presence

I would suggest exploring the first floor first to start the secondary objective.

    • Investigate the noise on the second floor: You need to go to the second floor. Objective complete automatically.

    • Find the “other passage” to the office: Initially, as the game started, you find a locked door behind the stairs. Now the gate is unlocked once the above objective over. Enter into the room and complete this objective.
    • Solve the Capricornus puzzle:
      • Light the correct candles:  You need to light five candles. There are more than five candles in the building but. You need to light five (correct) candles only.

Candle #1: You can find a candle kept on a chest in the same room.
Candle #2: It is in the bedroom. A candle is on a bedside table.
Candle #3: Light the candle kept on a shelf near the stairs.
Candle #4: You can find the candle in the kitchen.
Candle #5: It is in the dining room. You can find the candle on a shelf near a wall.

    • Explore the secret rooms: Now explore the secrets rooms behind the bookshelf.
      • Read the documents: Examine all the documents in the Secret Room.

Secondary Objective: Close the holes 

You will get this objective in the dining room after fighting with creatures.

    • Find a hammer: You can find a hammer inside the wooden crate in the kitchen kept below the table.
    • Find some nails: You can find nails in the second room behind the stairs. 
    • Close the hole in the dining room: Once you have a hammer and nails, interact with the hole in the dining room to close it.
    • Close the hole in the living room: You need to first defeat all the creatures in the living room. Interact with the hole to close it.
    • Close the hole in the collapsed room: This is the second room on the second floor. Defeat creatures and close the hole to complete the objective.

You can refer to the building floor layout to find all room’s locations.

Objective: Discover the result of the experiment

    • Check out the door: Interact with the door by selecting ‘ Throw Powder In.’
    • Find clues about Professor Tillinghast’s presence: Defeat the final creature ‘First Born’ to complete the final objective.

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