Chapter 7 Collectibles | Guardians of the Galaxy- Canine Confusion | Outfits, Archives, Guardian Collectible, Galactic Compendium Item

This guide shows the location of all the collectibles in Chapter 7 of Guardians of the Galaxy. There are 12 collectibles in Chapter 7 (7 Archives, 2 Outfits, 2 Guardian Collectibles, 1 Galactic Compendium Item).

1) Archive: Warning

After you have unlocked the Electric Element, go back to the anti-gravity area. use the electric gun to shoot the circuit to open a door as shown below. Go inside and jump across the obstacle to get the Archive lying on the floor on the right side.

2) Archive: Cadet Gold’s Attendance

After collecting the previous Archive, go straight ahead and turn right to find a locked door as shown below. You can open this door using Nikki’s Passkey (You can get Nikki’s passkey in Chapter 2 by siding with Nikki in the elevator ride and hiding her secret from her mother). If you don’t have the passkey then you won’t be able to open this door. Go inside the room and destroy the goo on the wall in front of the workbench. After the Goo is destroyed, squeeze through the thin gap and turn left. Then crouch under the obstacle and go straight ahead to reach the Archive lying on the ground.

3) Guardian Collectible: Drax’s Rap Sheet

From the previous collectible, turn around and look up to see some goo as shown below. Destroy the goo making some crates fall down. Use the crates to reach the upper platform. On the upper platform, turn right and go till the end to find the collectible lying on the floor.

4) Outfit – Rocket: Nova Corps

In this chapter, you’ll reach a circular red room, where you have to reroute the power by shooting circuits with your electric gun. In one of the rooms connected to this room, use Groot to lift a section of the ground as shown below. Stand on top of the platform as Groot lifts it, to reach the upper level. Go through the air duct on the upper level. After coming out from the other side of the air duct, you can see a locked door as shown in the picture below. Using visor vision you can see that the door is connected with a circuit through a wire. Shoot the right portion of the circuit as shown in the second picture below to reroute the power to the locked door. Once the door is unlocked, go inside the room to get the outfit.

5) Outfit – Gamora: Nova Corps

While on the objective to “Get to Nikki’s Hideout”, you will come across an area where you will have to command Groot to make a bridge as shown in the picture below. Then cross the bridge and go down the stairs until you reach electrified water. Shoot the switch shown below with an electric gun to de-electrify the water. Then command Gamora to destroy the pipes vas shown in the third picture below. After that go inside and get the outfit.

6) Galactic Compendium Item: Chewbacca Toy

This one is unmissable. It will be collected automatically during a cutscene in Nikki’s Hideout.

7) Archive: So Many Thoughts

You will get it in the same room where you got the previous collectible. You will find it on top of a red sofa as shown below.

8) Archive: Urgent Quarantine Warning

After leaving Nikki’s Hideout, you will find it on top of the crate on the right side as shown below.

9) Guardian Collectible: Galactic War Commendation

This one is inside Ko-Rel’s Office, where you get the objective to “Search Ko-Rel’s office for clues”. The collectible is the corner on the foot of a flag as shown below.

10) Archive: Upcoming Accuser Visit

It is in the same area as the previous collectible. Go to Ko-Rel’s bedroom and you will find the Archive on the floor next to the bed as shown below.

11) Archive: Cycle Reminders

In this chapter, you will reach a room with a big sphere in the center as shown below. The Archive is on a table behind the sphere.

12) Archive: Golden Shadows

It is on a table on the right side of the same room where you got the previous collectible.

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