Chapter 8 – Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace (Walkthrough)

Guide Chapter 8: A Morbid Dance in the Second Line | Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace

As you start the chapter and interact with policemen, the secondary objective will start.

Secondary Objectives:

    • Help the policemen:  Speak with the policemen at the start of the chapter to begin the secondary objective.


      • Find the missing bullets: As you enter the alley from the main road take a right turn. You will find the Ammo crates inside a compound (see image).


      • Return the Bullets to the policemen: Go back and interact with the policemen on the main road to return the bullets.
    • Help the wife find her missing husband: As you proceed in the chapter you will find a woman standing in the alley. Interact with her to start the side objective.

      • Find the husband: Go straight in the alley and take a right turn in the end to find her husband. He is surrounded and infected by the creatures.

      • Save the husband: Kill all the creatures and interact with her husband. You need to select ‘Leave him’ while interacting.

      • Return to the wife to inform her of her husband’s situation: Go back to the lady to inform her. Here you will only get the option ‘Don’t tell her’.


    • Save Crazed Man: After coming out of the cafe, you can find a man sitting in the alley, dressed in a yellow T-shirt. Interact with him and select the following options ‘Wait…‘ > ‘What’s missing‘ > ‘ Your feelings?‘ > ‘Whats Bother you‘ > ‘Calm down‘ to save him.

Main objectives: Stop the Herd of Algedi

    • Go to Jackson Square: As you come out of the alley from other ends, you will reach Jackson Square. Here you have to defeat the ‘Goat Spawn’, Cultist & ‘New Born’ to complete the chapter.

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