Chapter 9 – Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace (Walkthrough)

Guide Chapter 9: Mother’s Embrace | Arkham Horror

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Main Objective: Find Professor Tillinghast

This chapter includes two direct fightings only. You can explore the compound and equip yourself properly before the fighting. When you try to enter the building, the fight starts.

Main Objective: Defeat Professor Tillinghast

    • Reborn Tillinghast: Professor Tillinghast reborn first. You have to defeat her in the fight. She has hit points of 50 and you easily defeat her with Gun


    • Merged Tillinghast & Dark Young: Both creatures are merged together into a giant. Merged Tillinghast has a hit point of 15 and you easily kill her. Dark Young has a hit point of 50 and is high resistance to gunshots. You need multiple bullets (almost 50 bullets) to kill the creature.

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