Charles Rookwood’s Trial Guide | Hogwarts Legacy

This walkthrough will guide you on how to complete the “Charles Rookwood’s Trial” in the game Hogwarts Legacy. 

Complete Charles Rookwood’s Trial

As you enter the Trial, proceed down the hall and up the stairs on the right. At the top, interact with the Ancient Magic.

Now go back down the stairs. Enter the blue portal and cast Wingardium Leviosa on the silhouette pillar on the right and set it halfway between the Ancient Magic location and the side you want to go next.

Exit through the portal and go to the pillar from the left or right side (not through the portal). The silhouette pillar should be a sold pillar now, allowing you to ascend to the opposite side.

( Optional chest: Without going into the portal, cast Wingardium Leviosa at the chest to move it out. Enter the portal and access the chest)

Puzzle 2:

Continue further into the next room. A rune symbol may be seen on the wall as you enter the next room. Interact with the Ancient Magic to activate the portal (white color).

Hit the rune symbol to make the portal blue color.

Enter the portal ( or stay outside) and use Wingardium Leviosa to move the pillar blocking the path. (Use Wingardium Leviosa or Accio on the pillar to move it and clear the path.)

Hit the rune symbol again to get a white portal. Enter the white color portal to continue into the next room.

Defeat all Protector and several Sentiles in the next room and then continue. Interact with the Ancient Magic spot in front of the archway. Hit the rune symbol through the portal with a Basic Cast.

The below image just show the steps you need to take.

Now head through the portal on the right. Hit the rune symbol on the wall again.

Finally, go to the left path which is now intact.

Continue into the next room and interact with the Ancient Magic spot to spawn a pillar.

Go down the platform into the portal area. Here you will need to defeat two Protectors.

One is immediately visible on the left side, the other one is invisible. To make it visible, you need to step through the blue portal.

Use Levioso Spell on the crate to levitate it. Hit the rune symbol on the wall to rotate the bridge.

Now you can climb the crate and to the rotating platform.

Next, shoot the rune switch again to rotate the platform and continue.

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