Chise Ghost: Stormstone Locations – Light up the Fog Hidden Achievement | Tsurumi Island Hidden Quest | Genshin Impact 2.2 Puzzles

This guide shows locations of Chise Ghost & Autake Plains Stormstones Locations in the Tsurumi Island of Inazuma Region. The Ghost will spawn only after you have completed ‘The Sun Wheel and Mt. Kanna’ world quest (Part 4 of ‘Through the Mists’ quest chain). Completing Chise’s request of lighting all the Stormstones in Autake Plains unlocks ‘Light up the Fog’ Hidden Achievement.

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Chise Ghost Location

You will find Chise at the highlighted location in the Autake Plains. Talk to him and he will ask you to light up all the Stormstones in the Autake Plains.

Autake Plains Stormstone Locations

Stormstones are lamps (See the second picture below) that light up when hit with an electro attack. The location of all the Stormstones in the Autake Plains is shown below. Some of the Stormstones are hidden and you will need to use the ‘Peculiar Pinion‘ gadget in front of a Thunderbird Statue to reveal it. Light up all the Stormstones in the Autake Plains and then go back and talk to Chise. This will unlock the ‘Light up the Fog’ Secret Achievement and a Precious Chest will spawn.

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