Clear the corruption at Rusu’s House | Kena: Bridge of Spirits | Rusu Mountain Walkthrough

As you reach the lookout post at the top of the cliff to meet Rusu a cutscene will begin. After meeting up with Rusu for the first time, Kena: Bridge of Spirit players you’ll learn about Taro, Beni, and Saiya’s parents. Here Rusu teaches Kena how to use a bow to aid her in her quest to purify Rusu’s House. After mastering the use of the bow, Kena can attack enemies from a distance. The bow will also help you find new Rots and other collectibles, as well as solve puzzles.

After getting bow ability, you need to complete four Rusu’s challenges with a different set of difficulties. Go to the Central area to start archery challenges.

#1 Challenge: 

Pull the wooden lever as shown in the image with Rot and four targets will drop from the tree above. Shoot them fast before they rise back up into the tree. A banner will fall on successful completion.

#2 Challenge:

Shoot the Whirlybird coconut-looking ball placed on the wooden platform. Three targets will fly into the air. Shoot them to complete the challenge.

#3 Challenge:

Go to the wooden platform near Hat Shop. Use Rot to pull the lever across the gap. Shoot all the targets before they fall back. Pull the lever two more times to ensure you complete three unique rounds of target practice to guarantee you complete Rusu’s challenge here.

#4 Challenge:

Return to the Flower Shrine (central area) and talk to Rusu. He’ll task you with running along a path and shooting 6 targets that fall from trees within 30 seconds. Complete this to advance further in the game.

How to Unlock the Corrupted Bridge Near Rusu’s House

After completing all four target challenges you can leave this area and head down to a new arena. Defeat all the land enemies. Also, eliminate corrupted monkeys with your bow. Flood the corrupted flower across the gap with Rot and shoot the corrupted flower to purify the bridge. Now shoot the target on the right of the drawbridge and make it fall down, thus revealing a new path to move forward.

Go to the right after crossing the bridge. Jump across the gap and shoot the flower to reach the meditation point. Head back to the bridge and this time go to the left and slide down the muddy slope to reach Rusu’s house. 

At the bottom of the dirt slide, prepare for a fight. Shoot all five monkeys and then a boss fight will begin.

Boss Fight: Wood Knight

To defeat Wood Knight, use Rot Hammer and your newly acquired bow ability. You can also use two healing flowers during this boss fight. After you’ve defeated the Wood Knight, use Rot to corrupt the flower on the roof and shoot it with a bow. This will help to clean up the area of corruption.

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