Clear the water veins on the island: Genshin Impact 2.8

his guide shows how to complete the objective “ Clear the water veins on the island ” when you have to do this task for the 2nd time in the quest “Blazin’ Trails Part 3” in the game Genshin Impact 2.8. Blazin’ Trails is an Event Quest during the Summertime Odyssey Event.

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Clear the water veins on the island (0/2)

Now, you have to clear the water veins on the island. One is on the west side and the other is on the east side.

#1 Location

Head west near to the smaller island and kill all the enemies. Use the Windmill mechanism to create wind current. 

Use the windmill to transport you up the mountain. Break the rock on the top to clear the first water vein.

#2 Location

Now, go to the east and follow the water vein until you see a Melodic Harp puzzle and a Melodic Pedals puzzle. Walk on the Melodic Pedals to activate the Melodic Harp.

Without making any adjustments hit the Melodic Harp to clear the root.

Climb to the top of the mountain and break the rock to clear the second water vein. Alternatively, adjust the big Melodic Bloom upwards and use the Harp again to create a wind current. Use the wind current to reach the top of the mountain.

Inform Frozen Soul of the result

Head back to the drum and enter the domain. After a short cutscene, it will transport you back to the drum location

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