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  • Post published:March 24, 2022
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Consecrated Snowfields Catacombs Guide

This guide shows how to complete the Consecrated Snowfields Catacombs in Elden ring. To reach the Consecrated Snowfields, you will need to find two Haligtree Secret Medallions. The location of the Consecrated Snowfields Catacombs is marked in the pictures below. Click here to see where to find the map for Consecrated Snowfields.

After entering the dungeon, go straight ahead and climb up the stairs. Then turn right and you will see a snow trap. If you have a ranged weapon, you can hit the snow trap to deactivate it. If not, then hide in the nook on the right side, and when one wave of the snow ends, quickly run and go through the path on the left side as shown in the picture below.

Straight ahead, you will see the boss door, which would be locked. From here, turn right and climb up the stairs to reach a hall. Here you will find another snow trap. Take the path on the right side of this hall as shown in the picture below.

Continue ahead and you will reach a room with a staircase. Climb up the staircase, and you will find an Imp Head (Elder) there. Then come back and go through the path underneath the staircase as shown in the picture below.

Go straight and turn left to climb up another staircase. Here you will come back to the previous Snow Trap. Stand diagonally from the snow trap as shown below. When one wave of snow ends, hit the trap to deactivate it. This will make the snow trap come down.

Now hit the snow trap again to activate it. Then quickly jump on top of it. The snow trap will take you to the upper level, where you will find the lever behind a statue. Pull the lever to open the boss’s door. Then jump down and continue straight ahead to reach the Boss Lair. Defeat the Putrid Grave Warden Duelist boss to get Rotten Gravekeeper Cloak and Great Grave Glovewort.

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