Cordelion Collectibles: Gold Bolt, Spybot,Armour,Craiggerbear | Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

All Collectibles in Cordelion | Ratchet & Clank : Rift Apart

This article shows the location of all the collectibles in the Cordelion, which is the seventh planet in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart. Cordelion contains a total of 6 collectibles: 3 Gold Bolts, 1 Armour, 1 Ryno Spybot, and 1 Craiggerbear. Go to the bottom of the page to check the video showing the location of all the collectibles. 

Craiggerbear #1 in Cordelion

You will get this Craiggerbear in the snowy dimension that you enter by hitting the first Blizon Crystal while doing the objective ‘Enter Kedaro Station’. After hitting the Blizon Crystal get down the stairs and then slide down three flights of stairs which are covered by snow now in the new dimension. After sliding the final flight of stairs the Craiggerbear is right behind the debris in front of you. Check the picture below to see the exact location of Craiggerbear.

Gold Bolt #1 in Cordelion

The first Gold Bolt is in the same snowy area where you collected the Craiggerbear. You can see a Blizon Crystal on a platform at the Far East side of the map (See picture below). Go to the small opening on the Southeast side of the main platform and jump in the direction of the Blizon Crystal with your hover boot at full speed. In the mid-air, you will see a rift in front of the platform with the Blizon Crystal. Press ‘O’ when prompted to jump across the rift and land on the eastern platform. Hit the Blizon Crystal to enter a new dimension. In this dimension, you will find the Gold bolt in front of you. Collect the Gold Bolt and then hit the Blizon Crystal again to return back to the snowy dimension. 

Gold Bolt #2 in Cordelion

This Gold Bolt can be collected after you descend down the first elevator in Kedaro Station and your objective is to ‘Find the Rubion Forge’. After coming out from the elevator turn left and go through the narrow corridors. After passing through two narrow corridors, the Gold Bolt is in the room on the left side (See the picture below). The door to the room is malfunctioning and cannot be fully opened. Inside the room, you can see a yellow rift. Press ‘O’ when prompted to grapple your way to the rift. Inside the room collect the Gold Bolt. 

Spybot in Cordelion

The Ryno Spybot is in the Rubion Forge room where your objective updates to “Forge the Dimensionator”. The Spybot is on a platform above the entrance to the room (See the pictures below). To get the Spybot jump onto the platform with the forge controls and turn to look above the entrance of the room. Press ‘O’ to grapple through the rift to reach the platform and get the Ryno Spybot. 

Armor  – Captain Starshield Chest in Cordelion

You can get this Armor after you have destroyed the forge and the next objective is to “Repair the Forge”. Hit the Blizon Crystal at the location as shown in the picture below to enter a new dimension. This area contains a pocket dimension that has the Armor. In this pocket dimension, you need to shoot the yellow floating objects for them to inflate and become a platform. Then jump across to reach the Armour. Check the video at the bottom of the page to see how to complete this part. 

Gold Bolt #3 in Cordelion

The final Gold Bolt is in the underwater area where you reach after disabling the two locks and your next objective is to “Return to the other Dimension”. Gold Bolt is in the location as shown in the map below. To reach there, after passing through a tunnel take right on the fork in the path (See the picture below). Use magnetic boots to jump across to the other side and then again use magnetic boots to climb on the magnetic wall. At the top, you will find the Gold Bolt. 

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