Curtis’ Safe Key location – Dead Island 2

In this article, we’ll guide you on where to find Curtis’ Safe Key in Dead Island 2. Curtis’ Safe Key is required to unlock Curtis’ Safe and get your hands on a powerful new weapon.

How to get Curtis’ safe key in Dead Island 2

To obtain the Dead Island 2 Curtis safe key, you must first finish the ‘Death of the Outsider‘ quest. Then, return to Curtis’ residence in Bel-Air once you’ve completed it.

Once inside, you’ll come across a zombie called “Crystal the Lawyer“. Defeat Crystal the Lawyer inside the house or in Curtis’ garden to retrieve Curtis’ Safe Key. Pick it up and start your search for the safe.

Dead Island 2 Curtis’s safe location

Return to Curtis’ house and make your way to the eastern side of the property.  You’ll spot the locked safe inside the wall.

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