Dancing With The Queen Request: New Pokemon Snap (How to Guide)

Dancing With The Queen: New Pokemon Snap Guide (Combee 4 Star Pose )

Professor Mirror will give you requests to complete the ‘Dancing With The Queen request. The request is to take a picture of a dancing Vespiquen along with combees.

How to Unlock Illumina Orbs in New Pokemon Snap

Head to Founja Jungle (Night) of Belusylva. Search for a yellow glowing Crystalbloom at the end of the Jungle, on your right side. Give the photo of the Crystalbloom to Professor Mirror and receive Illumina Orbs to you.

How to Make Vespiquen Appear

Load into Park(Night) in Florio Nature Park and head towards the flower field. Throw Illumina Orb at the first Crystalbloom (on the right side) that when you enter the flower field. This will make vespiquen appear.

Make Vespiquen and Combee Dance

Throw another Illumina Orb at Vespiquen to make her dance along with Combee. At this point, take a snap of Combee dancing with Vespiquen. keep the focus on Combee.

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