Dark Pattern | Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline DLC (Main Mission Guide)

Bloodline is the first major story expansion of the 2020 videogame, Watch Dogs Legion. You’ll play as Aiden Pearce (protagonist of the first Watch Dogs) and Wrench (from WD2), who’ll team up in this new storyline set up before the events of the main game. Each character is playable in the campaign and in online mode as well. Multiple optional side-quests have also been added in the Bloodline DLC for both Aiden Pearce and Wrench.

Objective: Enter Rempart’s headquarters

After obtaining the BrocaBridge from Wrench, your goal is to free Jackson from Mr. Rempart. Jackson is held hostage at Rempart’s headquarters. Rempart headquarter is inside ‘Wind Tower’ at the southwest corner of Southwark district. 

Your goal is to enter the Rempart’s headquarters building to hand over Brocabridge and free Jackson. You can enter the building only from the underground parking pathway which is adjacent to the southern entrance.

Objective: Deliver the BrocaBridge to Rempart

After you enter the headquarter building from underground parking, take the elevator to reach the next area. You disagree when Rempart asks you to hand over Brocabridge and go back. Neutralize three security guards and enter Rampart’s chamber.

Objective: Survive the Trap

After handing over the Brocabridge to Rempart, your aim to escape the building with Jackson. You will be attacked by multiple robots and enemies on your way. Follow the linear path while neutralizing all the enemies. Jackson will help you to hack & unlock the closed door.

Objective: Upload Blackout Hack

Following the linear path along the corridor, you will reach a dead end with a locked door. At this point, your goal is to trigger blackout by uploading the Blackout hack in Rempart Server.

Rempart Server is located in a nearby room that is inaccessible from your current location. But there is a vent on the ground that is directly connected to Rempart Server Room. Launch the multidrone and direct it through the vent to the server room. Hack the Server to trigger Blackout.

Once the blackout is triggered locked door will open and you can proceed further. As you reach the next big hall you have to fight multiple Rempart Robots. You can neutralize these robots by firing with an LTL weapon to overheat them. When the Robot becomes overheated, aim at the battery situated on its back to do extra harm. Stay clear from the Robot, since they have hazardous ultrasonic and shockwave assaults.

From here you need to follow the linear path only through corridors and different halls and fight off multiple robots and security guards. Most of the block gates will be open by Jackson only so that stays very far away from him.

Finally, Wrench will help to escape the headquarter and the mission comes to end.

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