Data Sampling: Shadow of the Ancients Event Phase 2 | Genshin Impact

Data Sampling will be available during Phase 2 of the ‘Shadow of the Ancients’ Event. It will be unlocked on 7th November 2021, if you have completed Phase 1 of the Event. For the Data Sampling, you have to go to the four Event Areas and complete the challenge there. After completing the four challenges, two special Sampling points will also become available.

To find the Challenges, you will need to use Ayesha’s Chaos Prospector. Click here to see how to find the 4 challenges and to check the complete ‘Shadow of the Ancients’ event guide.

Data Sampling Challenges Locations

Stormterror’s Lair


Quingxu Pool

Yaoguang Shoal

Special Sampling Points

Special sampling points will be available after you have completed the 4 Sampling Challenges. Go to the event menu and click on the icon on the bottom left of the scene as shown below, to see the Special Sampling Points


Guyun Stone Forest

Finish Recharging Pursina’s Spikes

To complete the challenges, you will have to recharge three Pursina’s Spikes at the event area. Go to the challenge location and interact will the pillar to start the challenge. As the challenge starts, three Pursina’s Spikes near the pillar will be unsealed. use Electro Attacks to activate Pursina’s Spikes and continue charging them. On hitting the spikes with Electro Attack, the spike will start charging itself. The recharge rate of the spikes is dependent on the Electro Energy provided. When the Electro Energy provided is low, its recharge rate will be slowed. If the spikes stop recharging, then hit them again with Electro Attack to resume the charging. Enemies will also attack the spikes. If any spike is destroyed, the challenge will fail.

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