Day 1 Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log Genshin Impact

You can accomplish the Genshin Impact Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log Day 1 mission, which involves opponents with wing-like structures, by following the instructions provided in this article guide.

To initiate the world quest titled “Goal: Counter the ‘Phantom Blubberbeast,'” proceed to the Fountain Court and engage in conversation with Lepine-Pauline.

She will brief you on the event, instructing you to utilize the “Image Sampling Kamera” to capture images of specified targets. You have the opportunity to take a maximum of 10 pictures each day as part of this quest.

To complete this task, take pictures of Anemo Slimes in Brightcrown Canyon, capturing their images which is wing-like structure. Ensure you find a total of 10 pictures. There are multiple locations to capture Anemo Slimes north of Liyue Harbour. Refer to the few below locations marked on the map.

To take a picture go to your gadget sections and equip an Image Sampling Kamera

Here is a list of other enemies with wing-like structures:

  1. Consecrated Red Vulture
  2. Consecrated Flying Serpent
  3. Aeonblight Drake
  4. Ruin Drake – Skywatch
  5. Winged Cryoshroom
  6. Winged Dendroshroom
  7. Jadeplume Terrorshroom
  8. Oceanid
  9. Thunder Manifestation
  10. Cryo Cicin
  11. Hydro Cicin
  12. Electro Cicin
  13. Hydro Mimic Finch
  14. Hydro Mimic Mallard
  15. Hydro Mimic Crane
  16. Anemo Slime
  17. Large Anemo Slime
  18. Red Vulture

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