Day 4 Phantasmal Conch Location: Genshin Impact 2.8

This guide shows where to find the Day 4 Phantasmal Conch in the game Genshin Impact 2.8. Immernachtreich Apokalypse is an Event Quest during the Summertime Odyssey Event.

#1 Conch

Look for the second volume of “Hymn of the Holy Land”

When the quest begins, enter the arch and take the elevator that is there to get to the upper level. Head left and then enter the castle. Go upstairs to find the book.

Open the second volume of “Hymn of the Holy Land”

After the cutscene, interact with the book to get transferred to a new domain.

Operate the device to repair the path

In the new domain, go north using the stairs going down and then go to the first Gaze of the Deep mechanism on the right.

Move the screen to the right at default zoom to adjust the image to have the pillar be in the middle.

Follow the path

Head north, and climb the two sets of stairs. You will find an Echoing Conch on the table on the path to the next Gaze of the Deep.

#2 Imaging Conch

Twinning Isle Phantasmal Conch location Day 4

Complete Fischl’s domain during the ‘Immernachtreich Apokalypse’ event quest, you can visit the northern island of Twinning Isle to solve the stone raven puzzle to find the next Phantasmal Conch.

Talk to the three stone ravens surrounding the well to get the ‘Throw Stone’ prompt to appear and click it. Choose three eligible stones that aren’t blacked out to throw into the well.

The Conch will then float to the top of the well and you can now click it to add it to your collection!

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