Day 5 Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log Genshin Impact

This article will guide you in taking photos of the “Basically Purple Teyvat Product“. Basically Purple Teyvat Product is the goal for Day 5 in the Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log Event from Genshin Impact 4.2. 

Basically Purple Teyvat Product in Genshin Impact

To complete this task, travelers need to take pictures of the Purple Teyvat Product. These Purple Teyvat Products can be found in various locations across Teyvat. Lavender Lemon is one of the Purple Teyvat products available in plenty on Narukami Island. Easy-to-find locations are mentioned below.

Narukami Island is enough to get 10 photos, you can also visit nearby islands to find more Purple Teyvat Products.

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