Dead Island 2 Missing: Plablo Lost & Found Quest Guide

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to complete all objectives of the Lost & Found Quest “Missing Pablo” in Dead Island 2.

Starting Location

Head over to the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue to retrieve the letters from the wall of missing persons. Once you have finished the main storyline, this mission will become accessible.

Where in Hell-A is Pablo?

To progress with the task, you’ll need to head to Venice Beach. Your initial goals are to find the two places where Pablo might have searched for insulin needles and protein powder.

Check the Tattoo parlor for signs of Pablo, a kid in a Bobcats jersey

To find the insulin needles, make your way to the Roses Tattoo parlor located in Venice Beach. Use the button on the wall to lift the gate and proceed to the counter to obtain the Journal titled “Need for Needles.”

Which Venice store did Pablo go to for protein powder?

The next journal is located within the Muscle Beach Nutrition store, but access to the entryway is currently blocked. To gain entry to the Muscle Beach Nutrition store and retrieve the next journal, you must first locate a circuit breaker and place it in the wall within the enclosed area adjacent to the store. Once this is done, you can lift the shutters at the back of the store.

To obtain the circuit breaker needed to access the Muscle Beach Nutrition store, follow these steps:

Retrieve the Circuit Breaker from the small office located in the “Venice Autos” shop behind the Muscle Beach Nutrition store.

Toss the Circuit Breaker over the fence to the parking lot situated beside the Muscle Beach Nutrition store.

Climb up the boxes and wall adjacent to the enclosed area, then drop down into the parking lot.

Retrieve the Circuit Breaker you threw and insert it into the wall panel located within the fenced area.

Exit the fenced area and proceed to the little switch located between the doors and activate it.

Search Muscle Beach Nutrition for any sign of Pablo

Once inside the store, pick up the Journal titled “Protein Please” located in the corner beside some protein bottles.

Pablo’s shopping spree continues! Where’d he go next?

Head to the northern part of the map along the road until you reach a shop named “Gang Green”.

Find a way inside Gang Green to look for Pablo

Eliminate the zombie known as Doc Marin and take possession of the Gang Green Gate Key.

Proceed to the rear of the Gang Green shop, located in the parking lot, and deactivate the tripwire. Once done, open the gate and crouch through the hole in the wall to gain entry to the store.

Sniff around Gang Green for a sign of Pablo in his Bobcats jersey

Disable the second tripwire situated within the store and make your way to the counter, where you will find Pablo’s corpse. Pick up the High Stakes Journal beside him to end the quest.

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