Dead Island 2 – My Mailman Was A Zombie! Tracked Quest Guide

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to complete all objectives of the tracked quest “My Mailman was a Zombie” in Dead Island 2.

Starting Location

This tracked quest is available at Bel-Air after finishing the Main Story and Side Quest – Clickbait. This tracked quest is available at Bel-Air after finishing the Main Story and Side Quest – Clickbait. Head to Alpine Dr and pick up a Journal behind the delivery truck to start the quest.

Follow the mailman’s paper trail to a kick-ass new weapon!

You have to find 3 mail packages. These are located at the entrances of different villas around Bel-Air.

1) Mail Package

Outside the “GOAT Pen” villa.

2) Mail Package

The package is in front of a block-colored locked gate of a villa in the west of Bel-Air.

3) Mail Package

In the front of the first house where you entered Bel-Air at the start of the story.

Slay the Zombified Mailman!

The Zombiefied Mailman holding the key will appear only when you visit the last of the three mail packages.

Swipe the Mailman’s Keys

Defeat Wayne the Mailman to pick up the Mailman’s Keys.

Pick up your package!

Go back to the starting point of the quest and utilize the Mailman’s Keys to unlock the weapon box located behind the delivery truck. Inside, you will find a Rifle named “Raven”.

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