Deadly Premonition 2 – A Chef of Tradition [Where to find Rice, Green Pepper and Thyme]


You’ll get this side quest from Alexus. Talk to her when she is in the Alexus’ Diner & Lane. She’ll offer to make a special Cajun Dish for you for which she’ll ask you to collect 3 ingredients needed for the dish: Rice, Green Pepper and Thyme. 

Where to find RICE

Go to the CLARKSON SUGAR CANE PLANTATION on the noth side of the town. Look behind the bushes on the right side of the building. You’ll find the rice there.

Where to find GREEN PEPPER

Go to ALEXUS’ HOUSE on the east side of the town. You’ll find the Green Pepper on the bench just outside her house.

How to get THYME

Thyme is the reward for completing the side quest S.39 [Red Shapes in the night].
Quest Giver: Avery Smith.
Avey’s Location: Outside the Clarkson Cold Storage building in the afternoon, or in the Park which is on the right side of the Church in evening [TIP: to know the exact location of a NPC, fully zoom the map. The map will start showing the NPCs: Blue dots with name].
Goal: Defeat 30 Red Shadows that appear in the town after midnight (between 12 am to 6 am).
Report back to Avery the next day to finish the side quest. He’ll give you THYME as a reward.

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