Deadly Premonition 2 – The LORD Hungers: Where to find Can of Spam, Canned Spinach, Red Beans & Rice.

M.27: The Infirmary

Head to the Le Carre Evangelical church as part of the main investigation. Tyrone sanders will send you on a fetch quest ‘The LORD Hungers’ to gather the following items: Can of spam, canned spinach and red beans and rice.

M.28: Buy a can of Spam at Melvin's Le CRAWFISH

Melvin’s Le CRAWFISH will just outside the Sheriff’s Department between 7 am to 5 pm (Mon-Sat). It’s a green colored van where Sheriff Melvin will sell and buy stuff from you. You can buy a can of Spam from him. It’ll be the first thing on the menu. 

M.29: Order Red Bean & Rice at Alexus' Diner & Lane

You can order Red Bean & Rice at Alexus’ Diner & Lane but ONLY on MONDAYS.

M.30 & M.31: Buy Canned Spinach

M.30: Buy canned spinach at Erzulie Freda. You won’t ge the canned spinach here. The owner of the store (Mirror) will tell you to get it from a vending machine somewhere in town.

M.31: Vending Mayhem
The Vending Machine in the intresection just North-West of ‘Clarkson’s Cold Storage Building’ has the Canned Spinach.

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