Deal with the Pillagers | Kuwaq Yaku, Side Mission (SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER)

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Deal With the Pillagers (Side Mission, Kuwaq Yaku)

Mission giver is Victor. He can be found in the Kuwaq Yaku town area (North of Kuwaq Yaku base camp and South of Kuwaq Yaku market). After talkin to Victor, talk to Omar. Omar is in the house outside which Omar is standing. Then, head to the pub near Kuwaq Yaku Base Camp and talk to Marco (He is standing outside the pub). He’ll ask you to find his son, Pablo. You need to head to the edge of the town. Follow the objective marker to the North-West end of Kuwaq Yaku. You’ll have to crawl under a log to reach the edge of the town. When you reach the end, crouch forward through the tunnel (which is near a mural). As you exit the tunnel you’ll find Pablo. Then move forward through the muddy path and crouch through the narrow gap on the wall to enter the crypt work site. There are around 9 pillagers in the work site. Take them all out to complete the objective. Return to the pub and talk to Marco to finish the mission.

1:29 Talk to Omar
1:53 Talk to Marco
3:22 Head to the edge of Town
5:02 Enter the crypt work site
5:24 Defeat the pillagers
6:56 Return to Marco

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