Deathloop: All 13 pictograms in Fia’s fortress | Afternoon Delight

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This gameplay walkthrough of DEATHLOOP will show you how to Search Fia’s Fortress & Find the Pictograms during the mission Afternoon Delight.
Mission: Afternoon Delight
Objective: Search Fia’s
Fortress Location: Fristad Rock

To solve the Charlie’s Obnoxious Machine cassette puzzle in Deathloop Afternoon Delight, you should find all four of Fia’s pictograms. At noon, you must thoroughly explore Fia’s fortress. In Fia’s fortress, there are thirteen (13) pictograms, but only four (4) of them are correct.

This walkthrough will show you the location of all thirteen (13) Fia’s pictograms because the puzzles in the game are randomized and you may have to search for any four of these thirteen pictograms. Make sure you have Nexus and Shift Slabs equipped. Take a silent PT-6 Spiker as well, as you’ll need to be stealthy for a large portion of this objective.

When you get to Fristad Rock, take the right exit from the tunnels and deal with the four Eternalists. Proceed to the far right corner and pass through the gap. Fia’s fortress can be seen in the distance over the hill. Use Nexus Slab to take out the Eternalists on your way.

There are two large doors leading into the fortress. According to this walkthrough, we are taking a different route through the bunker, one that is located at the top of the facility above large doors. Shift Slabs can be used to navigate to the concrete wall and jump over to the bunker.

#1 Pictogram

When you reach the bunker, turn off the security camera and enter through the door. The first pictogram is painted on the left wall, close to a fire extinguisher.

#2 Pictogram

Go down the small stairs on the right from the previous location. There is a steel walkway that wraps around the elevator shaft. Drop down to the steel walkway and look to the right for the Pictogram.

#3 Pictogram

Dropdown onto the floor from the previous location and break the wooden barricade covering the ventilation hole. Pass through the ventilation hole and look right to find a locked room filled with tires.
Examine the wall art to find the Pictogram. You can jump over the wall to enter the room or place the battery into the slot to unlock the door. Inspect the art on the wall to find the Pictogram.

#4 Pictogram

Exit the tire room. On the right, in front of the security camera, you will see a truck and stairs going down. The pictogram is painted on the truck’s underside. To get underneath the truck, use the stairs.

#5 Pictogram

A white door near the security camera can be found in the same hall. Enter the room through the white door and look for the pictogram on the right wall.

#6 Pictogram

This Pictogram is painted on the floor in another room below the yellow toolbox, adjacent to the white door.

#7 Pictogram

Proceed to the opposite end of the hall from the previous location. Turn right as you descend the small stairwell. A pictogram is painted on the wall next to a mini-warehouse truck.

#8 Pictogram

Go back of the mini truck and head into another hall through the door with the sign ‘forever young’. After entering look for a pictogram painted on the wall beside the door.

#9 Pictogram

From the previous location, take the small stair on the left to go up. You will find Pictogram painted on the floor on the other end of the corridor.

#10 Pictogram

From the previous Pictogram’s location look right. You will find a pictogram painted on the wall (right corner ) on another side of the hall.

#11 Pictogram

Head upstairs and enter the blue door on the opposite end of the stairs. You will see the pictogram in from of you as you enter through the door.

#12 Pictogram

Now, from the previous location head to the back room through the corridor. You will find the pictogram painted on the floor. This is also another entry and exit point to Fia’s fortress.

#13 Pictogram

The last pictogram is painted on the wall of the same room/hall where you find the previous one.

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