Deathloop: How To Open Pact Of Smoke Door in Updaam | Three Passcode Pact Of Smoke

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Deathloop is a 2021 action-FPS game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is released on 14 September 2021 for PS5 and PC. While exploring you will come across a three-passcode-locked door in Updaam. Updaam is one of the four districts you can explore in Blackreef. This guide shows the locations of all three-door codes for The Pact of Smoke Code Puzzle. You will find this side puzzle in a room adjacent to Colt’s apartment in Updaam. The door to this room is located up a small set of stairs on top of the roof adjacent to Colt’s Flat.

How To Get The Pact Of Smoke Door Codes

A player will find The Pact of Smoke Code Puzzle inside a room that is located adjacent to Colt’s apartment. You can enter Colt’s apartment from the Dorsey Square window and then exit using the open window on the other side. The room where the Pack of Smoke Door is located is up a small set of stairs on the left. I have attached a screenshot for reference.

The Pact Of Smoke

As you enter the room, you’ll notice there are three locks on the wall in front of you. At the left corner (beside the door) is a machine with colored pipes and three colored buttons as shown in the below image. The note on the table unravels about rigged smoking competition and how to proceed with the Pact of Smoke puzzle ahead.

Code One – Cass’ code

Go to the place (The Pact of the Smoke room) during the Morning time. This time you should not alter or tamper with the machine. In the room, go to the right side and look for a note placed on top of a wooden roller drum near a yellow color TV set. This note contains Cass’ code number.

Now, to get the other codes you’ll need to interfere with the machine by pressing the smoking machine button so that different competitors survive after the competition. 

Release the gas in the morning after getting Cass’ code

Code Two- Vanya’ code

After getting Cass’ code, go to the flat (The Pact of the Smoke room) again in the morning and set the smoking machine to release the gas. Now make sure the green light is on the red wire in the morning, by pressing the button once. This will cause Cass and Anatoly to die.

Head to Karl’s Bay in the afternoon and pass through the Gardens of Perception entrance. On the other end take the staircase going down. Then take the doorway on the right. Inside you’ll find Vanya’s code on a letter in the backroom, on the counter by the shelves.

Code Three- Anatoly’ code

Go to the flat (The Pact of the Smoke room) again in the morning to illuminate the green light is on the blue cable by pressing the button twice. This will cause Cass and Vanya to die.

In the afternoon, go to Karl’s Bay. Pass through the Gardens of Perception entrance and descend the staircase. This is the same path you took for Vanya’s code. Go around the back of Vanya’s house and jump on the roof before and then on the ground. Anatoly’s home is next to a bright red house (roof on which you jumped). Inside you will find a pact note near the fireplace

Reward – Pact Of Smoke Door

After getting all three numbers you can open the three-code door. In terms of rewards, there is nothing much. You will just get an audio diary for Harriet.

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