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Deathloop is a 2021 action-FPS game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is released on 14 September 2021 for PS5 and PC. While exploring you will come across a locked safe in a cave in Updaam. Updaam is one of the four districts you can explore in Blackreef. This article shows you how to find the three codes and unlock the Updaam Cave Safe in Deathloop.

Updaam Cave and Safe Location

The cave is located directly below Alexis’ mansion in Updaam. You can access the cave at any time of the day. But the best time is in the morning or afternoon since Juliana won’t be bothering you while you’re running around. There are two entrances to the cave one from the north side and another from the south side of Alexis’ mansion. Just before Alexis’ mansion, you can see a deep cleft in the surface, jump down onto the bedrock below to find the cave’s mouth.

How to Solve the Updaam Cave Safe

Inside the cave, you will find a locked safe that requires three codes to unlock using few clues. You will find a map of Updaam with some symbols and shapes drawn on it. Also, you will find three triangles to the right of the map. 

Note: Triangles are random for each player as well as the digits and symbols

Step 1: Find all Six Code Numbers 

Each point of the triangle that is three vertices (3) on the map and three symbols (circles and two X) represents a location of the number. So in total, there are six numbers that you need to find. I have a screenshot for reference.

Code Numbers

#1 Code: The first digit is next to the X with a skull symbol next to it. The Number is written at the closed door of Carl’s apartment. If you stand with you back toward Alexis’ mansion, this location is on the left. Code Numbers is written below the plaque that says “The Final Nights of Bad Luck Mary”.

#2 Code: The second digit is a circle with a question mark symbol. This location corresponds to the entrance into Otto’s workshop as marked on the map.

#3 Code: This number is marked on the map by two dashes/lines. You can find the home across the bridge on the far left side of the map. Zoom in with your weapon and look at the Condition Detachment building. The number is written in the top left corner of the garage as shown in the image below.

#4 Code: This cave safe number is represented by a ring glyph/symbol on the map. You can find the digit written on the left wall of the library’s main door.

#5 Code: You can find this number to the right of the spotlight on the bottom of the archway. From the library’s front door head to the west and the end looks down. You will find the number near a van with two enemies chatting next to it. I have provided a screenshot for reference.

#6 Code: Jump to the lower-left road from Carl’s apartment building, where you obtained #1 Code. Continue down it, passing through the door and the large hallway. You’ll notice a security camera outside the next door. Continue down the road until you pass through the archway of the stone gate. Turn around after passing through the archway stone gates and look to the right of the arch to find the number.
Alternatively, simply follow the cliff on the right/lower side of Updaam until you reach this archway.

Step 2: Solving The Triangles

The shape of the triangles, as well as the digits, are chosen at random for each player. You must examine the map and use the markings (skull, ring, dashes, etc.) to determine each triangle code combination. Look at three triangles to the right of the cave map for the next step. The top triangle represents the first code, the middle one represents the second, and the bottom one represents the third.

Step 3: Unlocking the safe

You must superimpose the three triangles on the right side of the map onto the map. Superimpose them so that the glyphs/symbols correspond to their location on the map. Since each code has three digits, there are a total of six possible combinations. However, the correct solution will be as follows: Use this to determine the correct digit order in the code.

Triangle has no dash (the first digit in the code)
Triangle has one dash (second digit in the code)
Triangle has two dashes (third digit in the code)

First Triangle – 252
Second Triangle – 552
Third Triangle – 255/552
Warning: Triangles are random for each player as well as the digits and symbols

If the code is correct, you will see a green light on the safe. Once all three codes have been entered, the Updaam safe will open, revealing 5,000 Residuum inside.

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