The Deep Divers: The Gourmet Supremos | Genshin Impact 2.0 (World Quest Guide)

The Deep Divers is a world quest in Genshim Impact 2.0 (Inazuma Region). This is the fourth quest in The Gourmet Supremos Quest Chain. This walkthrough will guide you through all the objectives and puzzles of the quest The Deep Divers.

Hot to start the Quest?

You’ll get this quest in the Yashiori Island (check the image for the exact location). Look for a hole in the ground in this area. Jump in to the hole to reach the underground cave. Xudong, who is in the underground cave, will give you this quest. He’ll request you to bring some fresh seagrass.

Pick Fresh Seagrass

After talking to Xudong, go downstairs to the lower floor. There will be a hole in the corner. Jump into the hole to reach the tunnels beneath. Pick the fresh Seagrass from the tunnels and bring it back to Xudong to complete the quest.

What if the Hole is Closed & the Area is filled with Water?

If you didn’t complete the world quest Orobashi’s Legacy Part 2 earlier, the underground cave will be filled with water and the hole in the corner will be closed. In this case, summon an electrogranum before jumping inside the underground cave (the electrogranum plant is near the cave entrance). You’ll notice an electro-barrier as you glide down, and you’ll be able to pass past it because you’ve summoned Electrogranum. After crossing the electro-barrier interact with the switch in the left corner to drain the water from this area. Now, you can go downstairs into the lower floor (but the hole in the corner will still be closed). As you reach the 3 boxes at the end of the room, 3 ruin destroyers will appear. Defeating them will open up the the hole in the corner. Now you can jump down the hole and pick the seagrass from the tunnels.

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