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This guide will show how to defeat Nipulon in Boss Fight to complete the fifth bounty mission “Nipulon Bounty” of the game High On Life, released on 13 December 2022.

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After waiting, go to Nipulon’s office to begin the boss fight. Nipulon will release his hallucinogenic gas, bringing the fight to a standstill.

You’ll be taken to a strange place. Speak with Gene.

Look for the light beam from the sky after the conversation. Approach it and dive into the black hole.

In the following region, you should shoot at Nipulon until his health drops even lower. He’s the only orange person in the room.

In the next part, talk to your sister. Then go to the light beam and enter the black hole.

In this part, Nipulon will be clumped together with his clones. Shoot the orange guy again.

At the next area, you have to pick up all four guns and enter the black hole. Shoot Nipulon until he’s almost dead.

Retrieve Earth’s Coordinates

After killing Nipulon, get the earth’s coordinates from the computer along with his DNA.

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