Derelict Dam Puzzle Walkthrough | Star Wars Jedi Survivor (Tar / Rolling Mine Puzzle)

As you progress down the mountain in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, navigating through the tar pits and facing obstacles, you will come across the Derelict Dam, located just before the Koboh dinosaur. This article will show you how to use Rolling Mine to solve the Derelict Dam Puzzle while working on the objective “Find Greez” in the game Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

How to Solve Derelict Dam Puzzle

Jump on the platform floating on the tar-filled Derelict Dam and then climb up the wall with vines on the left.

After reaching the top, defeat some battle droids and proceed.

Eventually, you will spot the cave entrance below, where a Roller Mine is chasing battle droids and detonating. Descend and defeat all the enemies before entering the cave. When a roller mine begins chasing, the color of the laser changes. Blue indicates that they have latched onto Cal, yellow means it’s dangerous, and red indicates it’s about to detonate.

Follow the path inside the mine until it ends, then drop to a lower level. Instruct BD-1 (little droid) to interact with the mechanism at the end of the path. This will allow you to access an unlimited Roller Mine spawner.

When BD-1 interacts with the mechanism, a Roller Mine will spawn and begin chasing you. You must use the Force Pull ability at this point to pull the Roller Mines and throw it toward the wall before it explodes. You’ll only have a few seconds before they explode in your face to toss them.

This will allow you to get out of the cave. Make another Roller Mine to follow and toss it on the blocked path to open up access to the dam.

Finally, make another Roller Mine follow you and throw it on the dam wall to explode and clear the blockage.

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