Destiny 2: All 8 Visions of the Traveler Location | Visionary Triumph Guide

  • Post published:June 10, 2024
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This article will guide you on where to find all 8 Visions of the Traveler in Destiny 2. Visions of the Traveler are hidden secrets you can discover while exploring The Pale Heart.

Vision 1 – The Lost City

It is located near a waterfall. Refer to the location below on the map.

Vision 2 – The Landing

Fast travel to the “The Landing” landing zone and immediately turn left to head toward the edge of the area. Drop down below to find Vision near a waterfall.

Vision 3 – The Refraction

In the Refraction area, once you come out of the crystalline cave, drop down from the cliff and follow the cliffside path on your left to locate the Vision.

Vision 4 – The Blooming

It’s located on the branches of a tree near the mountain wall and right of the cave entrance.

Vision 5 – The Seclusion

This one requires you to unlock the Slayer Cryst. Complete “Alone in the Dark” multiple times from Micah-10 until you get Slayer Cryst.

After completing the Slayer Cryst mission, head inside the cave. Defeat the boss with an orange bar and follow the path behind him to find Vision 5.

Vision 6 – The Divide

Head to The Divide area and make your way up the mountain. Continue climbing until you reach the summit.

The Vision is hiding behind a satellite dish.

Vision 7 – The Impasse

The Vision is hidden within a ring among Pyramid buildings.

Vision 8 – The Transgression

The Vision is hiding beneath a dead tree.

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