Destroy 5 Giant Urns Locations in The Hall of Judgement| Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

This guide will show you where to find and destroy all 5 Giant Urns in the “The Hall of Judgement” Level of Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance.

Giant Urns #1: 

The Giant Urn #1 is located at the beginning of the level. The Giant Urn can be found on the right side of the main story path, behind a group of barrels and boxes. You can get Giant Urn while doing the main objective ‘Reach the Dragon Spine Courtyard’.

Giant Urns #2: 

The Giant Urn #1 is hidden beneath a barrel at the Netherhall Gate at the beginning of the dungeon. Follow the main story path. You will arrive at the location while completing the main storyline objective ‘Defeat the Netherhall Gate Guard.’ where you will have to fight off all enemies in the courtyard. The Giant Urn is hidden inside a small cave on the courtyard’s left side.

Giant Urns #3

You will find the Giant Urn in the area where you get Attribute point (Attribute Shrine). This area will be available while doing the main objective ‘Reach the Giant Mousleum’. Giant Urn is behind the wooden barricade. You will encounter a number of enemies in this area.

Giant Urns #4

This location will be accessible while completing the main objective ‘Reach the Giant Mousleum.’ The Giant Urn is located beside a rock on the main path to the Giant Mausoleum. It is the same area where you pick up the Lever.

Giant Urns #5

The Giant Urn can be found just before the Hall of Judgement. It’s next to a barrel on the way to the Hall of Judgement.

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