Devastated Settlement: All Collectibles Location Star Wars Jedi Survivor

This guide shows the location and solution for all collectibles in the Devastated Settlement in the game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game, released on 28th April 2023. 

1) Databank 1

The first Databank 1 can be found in the chamber where the first orb is located. To reach it, you should squeeze through the opening behind the wind vane, then use Force Pull to bring the large cube down. Finally, climb up the ledge and look for it in the left corner.

2) Treasure 1 Datadisc

Accessible after you have learned to blast a stream of Koboh Matter. Go to the chamber where the first orb is located. Bring back the orb inside and place it on the amplifier. Rotate the wind vane to cause the energy beam behind the wall to move to the left side. Spray Koboh Matter on the wall near the entrance to find a Datadisc.

3) Treasure 2 Datadisc

Exit the previous room and head to the right along the cliff. Cross the waterfall and then jump on the cliff wall to find the Datadisc on the wall.

4) Chest 1 Switch Harmony

Use relter to glide to the right from the previous location onto a large pillar-like platform above the lava river to find it.

5) Seed 2 Crimson Jelly Spire

Near to the previous collectible.

6) Databank 2 Sense Echo

Use the retler to glide to the location where Caij Vanta introduced herself. Use the ascension cable to get up where Caij was and enter the room behind her. You will find Echo – An Instruction at the corner of the room.

7) Databank 3 Sense Echo

Climb up the wall with vines behind Caij. On the top defeat a group of bramliks and a gorocco. Climb up the wall on the right to enter a small room. You will find the item at the corner of the room.

8) Treasure 3 Datadisc

In the same room, Spray Koboh Matter on the floor to destroy the Koboh Barrier. Datadisc is behind the Koboh Barrier.

9) Seed 1 Crimson Jelly Spire

To acquire this item, glide to the location you aimed the energy beam and use the new updraft to gain access to the orb-2. Once there, defeat all the enemies and then interact with the seed 1 point.

10) Treasure 4 Datadisc

In the same location. Datadisc is near the tree trunk.

11) Databank 4

Command BD-1 to scan the thermal vent.

12) Databank 5

Glide to the Orb-2 location. Command BD-1 to scan the shining wall at the entrance.

13) Databank 6

Head inside and jump across to the other side. Databank is at the corner.

14) Force Essence 1

Just left to the previous collectible

15) Treasure 5 Datadisc

In the room where Cal will tell about the excessive growth of the Koboh Matter. Fire Koboh Matter towards the wall the near the machine to get the data disc.

16) Treasure 6 Datadisc

Get back to the previous room and fire Koboh Matter towards the left wall to get the data disc.

17) Seed 3 Spine Fluff

Glide to the platform on the right with a small pond on its top. Seed 3 in hidden under a bush.

18) Seed 4 Spine Fluff

Seed 3 is near a dead plant.

19) Treasure 7 Datadisc

Eliminate the enemy in the same location and then scan using BD-1 to get the disc.

20) Chest 2 Weapon Materials Hard Leather

Dive into the pond to recover the chest

21) Databank 7 Sense Echo

Go to the orb-3 location. The Databank point is to the left of the waterfall.

22) Treasure 8 Datadisc

Climb up the ledge where a large cube was located.

23) Precision Perk Essence 2

Go to the room to the right side of the waterfall and fire Koboh Matter to clear the blockage. Climb up the ledge to find this collectible.

24) Databank 8 Sense Echo

To the right of the previous collectible.

25) Databank 9

Glide to the Grand Courtyard and go to the left side to find Databank at the end of the path.

26) Databank 10

Enter the Grand Courtyard and scan the left wall.

27) Databank 11

Use the rope to reach the roof and then drop down on the right side. Databank is near a bookshelf.

28) Databank 12

Head to the adjacent room and scan the shelf.

29) Databank 13

Go to the next room and scan the broken bookshelf.

30) Seed 5 Crimson Jelly Spire

Fly to the right of the Grand Courtyard. Seed 5 is near a plant.

31) Seed 6 Crimson Jelly Spire

It is in the same area just near the waterfall.

32) Force Tear

Inside the giant cube.

33) Treasure 9 Datadisc

Enter the cave below the same platform.

Datadisc is on the right,

34) Databank 14

Go behind the previous item location and scan small stairs to find the next databank.

35) Chest 3 Fluff Goatee And Mustache

Go to the Grand courtyard and look across the lava river to find an opening on the cliff of the wall. Glide to the location and drop down to find the collectible on a ledge above the lava river.

36) Health Essence 3

Go to the room where you got collectible #7 and bring the orb to the room located where Caji introduce herself. Place the orb on the empty mechanism to open a door with the collectible.

37) Ambidexterity Perk Essence 4

Go to the Orb-3 location and rotate the mechanism to direct the energy beam at the entrance of the cave where you go to collectible #33 below the Grand courtyard.

Enter the cave and fire Koboh Matter to clear the blockage inside the room. The collectible is behind the blockage.

38) Marksmanship Perk Essence 5

It is on top of the left tower of the Grand Courtyard.

39) Seed 7 Crimson Jelly Spire

Drop to the other side of the Grand Courtyard’s Tower to find the collectible on a ledge.

40) Databank 15 (Unmissable Quest Related)

It is quest related item inside Grand Courtyard.

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