Diaries of the Dead Walkthrough | Dead Island 2

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to complete all objectives of the side quest “Diaries of the Dead” in Dead Island 2.

Starting Location

To initiate the “Diaries of the Dead“, talk to W.O Rodriguez. Refer to the location marked on the map at Venice Beach.

Locate the swarmed convoy

Head to the quest marker to locate the convoy.

Search the convoy for a memory stick

The laptop containing the memory stick is located inside the truck

Incoming! Kill ’em all!

Prepare for incoming enemies! You’ll need to eliminate all four waves to advance.

Kill the Signal Officer! He has the key card you need!

You will encounter an officer carrying the key card after eliminating all four enemy waves.

Grab the comms area key card

Take the officer down to obtain the key card.

Advance to the USMC comms area

Acquire the key card for the communications area, and then follow the quest marker to locate the satellite in the comms area.

Upload the fallen soldiers’ letters

After locating the satellite in the comms area, initiate the upload process by interacting with the satellite.

Upload in progress! Mop ’em up!

While the upload process is in progress, be prepared to face another wave of enemies and eliminate all of them.

“Upload failed”? What happened?

Interact with the satellite when the upload fails, and then speak with W.O Rodriguez.

Pull back and regroup at the Tower

Head back to the tower.

Debrief with Warrant Officer Rodriguez

Talk to Rodriguez in the tower to finish Diaries of the Dead Side Quest in Dead Island 2.

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