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  • Post published:September 8, 2023
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This step-by-step guide will show you How to complete the objectives Hack the First, Second & Third Sign” for the mission Display of Power in Starfield.

Second Sign

Leave Madam Sauvage’s Palace and head down the stairs to exit the building.

Once you are out of the building, make a right turn, followed by a left near the giant ventilation fans.

Ascend the stairs, and then enter the elevator on your right to go to the Underbelly area.

When you exit the elevator, walk straight across the metal bridge to reach the Xenofresh fish processing plant. Inside this facility, you’ll find the second Sign control node. Examine the node to hack it.

First Sign

Head to the right from the previous node to reach an elevator. Step into the elevator and select the upper platform.

Upon leaving the elevator, turn around and head towards the right side.

Follow the path in a straight line, passing by the green-colored building, and then go up the stairs on the right.

Upon reaching the top, you’ll encounter a U-shaped pipe positioned in the right corner. Leap from this spot to the adjacent ledge directly ahead.

Continue following the marker’s guidance, proceeding up the staircase. At this time open the scanner and point to some discipline to use social skills near the stairs.

Next, shift your gaze to the left to locate another node for interaction. Carefully crouch and approach it slowly to initiate the hacking process for the initial sign.

Third Sign

Retract your steps path back to the elevator. This time go to the left of the elevator to reach Bayu Plaza.

Enter inside to reach  Ikuchi Market. Take the first right and follow the road straight until you reach the third sign.

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