Dissection: Electronic Lock Power Puzzle | Resident Evil 4 Remake

This article will guide you on how to solve the “Electronic Lock Power Puzzle in Dissection” for the objective “Rescue Ashley” of Chapter 13 of the game Resident Evil 4 Remake, released on 24 March 2023.

Upon reaching the Power Control room as marked on the map below, activate the lever to modify the power route. Below location is the location of the power control lever.

Get the Level 3 keycard

After pulling the lever to direct the power. You’ll then have the objective of getting the Level 3 Keycard requiring you to complete a series of tasks in the order of Level 1, Level 3, and then Level 3 again.

Level 1 keycard

Proceed to the northern end Dissection area and interact with the power console and solve the puzzle. This will result in the opening of the door located to the north of the Dissection, granting you access to the Level 1 Keycard, situated towards the room’s rear.

The symbol positioned at the top needs to face toward the right, as does the T located on the left. Meanwhile, the T at the bottom should point downwards, and the symbol on the right side of the line should face toward the left. This arrangement directs the power toward the lower-left portion of the node.

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