Hogwarts Legacy: Dissending for Sweets Side Quest Guide

This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the sidequest “Dissending for Sweets” in the game Hogwarts Legacy. This quest will reward you with a Quidditch Board conjuration recipe.

Requirement: You need to complete the main quest Potions Class.

Starting Location

To initiate the quest you need to talk to Garreth Weasley. You can find him near the Entrance Hall of the Great Hall inside Hogwarts Castle.

Talk to Garreth Weasley

Head to the Entrance Hall of the Great Hall inside Hogwarts Castle. Garreth will tell you that he is looking to steal some Billywig stings.

Find the statue of the one-eyed witch

Students must follow their map to the One-eyed Witch Statue near the Grand Staircase. The statue is after the first set of stairs in the hallway connected to the grand stairwell.

Open the one-eyed witch statue

Interact with the statue to get a cutscene where you enter the secret passageway.

Explore the secret passage

Inside the passageway, you will find a broken elevator. Use the Reparo charm on the elevator to fix it up and then activate it to descend into the passage.

At the bottom go behind the lift to find an optional chest. Enter the cave and continue your journey until you come across some spider webs that are blocking the path. Cast Incendio on the spider web to remove and burn it.

Use Levioso on the wooden platform to make it float, then jump on it and climb up the wall to continue.

Continue walking until you get to a damaged bridge. Look down to find another wooden platform and use Levioso to make it float and cross the gap.

At the next location use, Reparo to fix the wooden platform and then use Levioso to make it float and cross the gap.

Remove another wall of spider webs. In the next wooden walkway. Look down to locate another platform and a lift.  Use Reparo on the wooden platform> Cast Use Accio on the metal frames > Use Levioso on the platform. Jump on the platform to cross the gap.

Find a way out of the secret passage

Continue to follow the waypoint. At the end cast Incendio on both fire pits to open the door. Finally, interact with the ladder in the next room to exit Honeydukes.

Find the Billywig stings

Head to the right to find the Billywig stings on top of the table.

Return to Garreth

Head back to Hogwarts Castle. Talk to Garreth at the same location where you initiated the mission to finish the quest and get your reward.

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