Divine Plant of the Depths | World Quests and Puzzles | Genshin Impact 2.1

Divine Plant of the Depths is a world quest available on Watatsumi Island in Genshin Impact 2.1. In this world quest, you need to help an old day name Komaki to get water from the shrine’s Offering Pool. This walkthrough demonstrates how to complete the Divine Plant of the Depths.

To get this world quest you need to speak to the old lady (NPC Komaki) in Bourou Village. Head to the southern part of Watasumi Island, you will find an old lady name Komaki near one of the houses in Bourou Village. She will ask for your help in getting water from the shrine’s Offering Pool.

Go to Watasumi Island’s Shrine

As the quest starts your first objective is to visit Mouun Shrine as marked on the map. The shrine is located on the western part of Watasumi Island. At the shrine, you’ll see a sparkle at the little well.

Obtain Water Welling With “Wishes”

At the shrine, you’ll see a sparkle at the little well. Draw the water from the well. 

Return to the Village in time

You’ll have to carry the water back to the old lady after you’ve collected it from the well. You cannot use fast travel to the nearby waypoint; instead, you must run back and glide back to the old lady in time.  You’ll have 120 seconds to complete the task. Simply run towards the marker and glide off the cliff’s edge.

Talk to Komaki

Talk with Komaki to trigger a cutscene and she will offer water to spiritherbs. After the cutscene, she will ask for another help to make spiritherbs make more radiant.

Go to the cave that Komaki Mentioned.

Now your next objective is to visit the cave. The cave is located on the northern side of Watasumi Island. The door of the cave is on the cliff’s wall. You can fast travel to the nearest waypoint and glide down to the cave. The mouth of the cave is near the bottom right next to a waterfall.

Obtain the Clear Water

Once inside the cave, you can fight off Hydro Hypostasis. There are many sparkles in the water, but not all of it is good. The sparkling water in front of the waterfall is the clear water with which you must interact. 

Collect it to obtain Spiritherb Water.

Talk to Komaki

Return to Bourou Village and give the old lady the Spiritherb Water to complete the quest.

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