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This guide will show how to complete the third bounty mission “Douglas Bounty” of the game High On Life, released on 13 December 2022.

Figure out where you are 

After exiting the portal you will spawn in the middle of a desert. Continue to follow the waypoint.

Explore the shipwreck

Kill all the enemies on the way until you reach a shipwreck area. 

Head towards Old Town

Continue following the route point until you reach an old town. Ignore everyone in the old town and continue your quest.

Find a path across the Gorge

Drop down and use the flies to grapple across the gap. Shoot the platform with goop to make the path.

Cross the bridge across the gorge and then turn left. Crouch to cross the route, next use the flies to cross the gap, and finally, use the zip line.

In the end, shoot a glob blast to bounce it off the shipping container and push down the platform. Continue on the main path to reach the Old Town gate.

Get into Old Town

Talk to a man with three eyes and he will open the gate for you.

Find the entrance to Dreg Town

Defeat all the enemies inside the gate. Then head straight to the entrance to Dreg Town. The guard at the gate will ask you to clear all of the G3 first.

Cleanup the G3 around Old Town

Clean up all the 3G enemies on the east, west, and central avenue, and then head back to the Dreg Town entrance.

Enter the Dreg Town gate

Guard will open the gate after you kill all 3G enemies.

Ride the Dreg elevator

Head inside the town and go to the left to ride the elevator.

Search for Douglas

Exit the elevator and continue to follow the waypoint in search of Douglas.

Find the G3 recruitment center

Continue to follow the waypoint. Cross the gap with the flies and zip through to the other side. Destroy all 3G enemies. Two crystals can also be obtained from the wrap drives in this location.

Continue ahead and utilize the zipline to descend and to the left to reach the G3 recruitment center. Enter inside and speak with the guard (NPC).

The Guard won’t let you enter the recruitment center.

Find a way to pass as a G3 recruit

Exit the G3 recruitment center and follow the waypoint. Talk to the purple guy to get goop. Next, enter the cage to get gooped.

Enter the G3 orientation

Head back to the G3 recruitment center. This time guard will let you enter.

Complete the battlefield training

Watch the orientation video and then team up with some G3 trainees to kill all of the bugs in the training area.

Complete the obstacle course

The second one is an obstacle course with electricity coming and going on various platforms. All you have to do is time your leaps and runs.

Escape the G3 training center

You’ll return to the screening room after completing the obstacle course. After waiting for 1 hour and then crouch to the right-side passage to exit.

Climb up the pipe to enter the vent and the zip to exit the G3 recruitment center.

Help Dr. Joopy escape

On the other side, you will meet Dr. Joopy (Octopus). Your next task is to help Dr. Joopy 

Enter the adjacent room. Here you need to hit all four black-white boards on the pipe to create a path for Dr. Joopy (Octopus).

Enter the next door and zip to reach the other side. Defeat all the enemies. Continue to follow the waypoint to exit the training area.

Help Dr. Joopy escape, again

After escaping the training area you’ll meet Joopy again and help him to escape using the pipe puzzle. Follow the below image to complete the puzzle.

Shoot the bottom panel twice

Final image after rotation

Shoot the board only once

Shoot to Rotate thrice

Hit the bottom part right panel 2 times and the bottom part of the left panel thrice

Shoot the last panel only once

Reach Douglas’ HQ

After completing the pipe puzzle, proceed to the next door. Use three flies to grapple to Douglas’ headquarters.

Hit the green goop to lower the platform.

Rotate the platform by hitting the goop.

Zip to the other side.

Climb up the platform to find Dr. Joopy again

Help Dr. Joopy get inside Douglas’ HQ

Follow the below image to complete the pipe puzzle. Starting from the right side. Hit all three top panels only once.

Shoot bottom right panel only once.

Shoot bottom left panel thrice.

Dr. Joopy will appear from the middle of the pipe if you have done all the earlier shooting correctly.

On the left side. Hit bother the panels only once to complete the puzzle.

Enter Douglas’ HQ

Enter the HQ and kill Douglas and then Retrieve Douglas’s DNA using knifey. This will unlock a new gun Sweezy.

Use Sweezy to escape Douglas’ HQ

use Sweezy’s time bubble ability to slow down the fan and pass through the vent. Kill all the enemies to escape Douglas’s HQ.

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